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Subsidiary of Titan Industries
Industry Jewellers
Founded 1994
Headquarters Bengaluru, Karnataka
Website www.tanishq.co.in

Tansihq (Hindi: तनिष्क़) is a jewellery brand of India. It is a division of Titan Industries,[1][2] a company promoted by the Tata Group in collaboration with the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO). The name was formed by combining the first two letters from Tata and नष्क "NISHK" (meaning gold coin or necklace in Sanskrit), although the k has been modified into a क़ q.[3][citation needed]. Tanishq's headquarters is at Bengaluru (Bangalore) in Karnataka.[4][5]


Tanishq started in 1994 and challenged the established family jeweller system prevalent in India. They have set up production and sourcing bases with thorough research of the jewellery crafts of India. Their factory located at Hosur, Tamil Nadu (India) spreads over 135,000 sq ft (12,500 m2). Tanishq was launched as a range of jewellery and jewellery watches meant for the European & American markets, but later on shifted focus on Indian markets to tap the domestic opportunity too.

They spread awareness to the public about alleged impurity in Gold .[citation needed] Tanishq introduced innovations like Karatmeter, the only non-destructive means to check the purity of gold and machine made jewellery.

In India, Tanishq has country wide presence. In November 2012, Tanishq reached a landmark when it opened its 150th showroom in India[6] Tanishq is one of the major Tata brands with a strong appeal for women. Tanishq brand has recently been promoted inside popular Hindi movies also, like in Race 2.[7] It runs a popular scheme called Golden Harvest for sales promotion and to help buyers plan for large purchases like during weddings.[8] Recently, in accordance with Companies Act, Tanishq has paused the Golden Harvest activities. Tanishq might revive it with shorter terms (12 months).[9]

Tanishq signage and logo at its store at Delhi airport.


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