Tanjung Layar

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Tanjung Layar in the 1920s, and the rock with a shape like a sail

Tanjung Layar, formerly Java's Eerste Punt in Dutch, and Java's First Point, or Java Head in English is a prominent cape at the extreme western end of Java, at the Indian Ocean entrance to the Sunda Strait.[1] Java Head is a bluff at the sea's edge with higher land beyond, visible from a significant distance at sea, with deep water close to the shore.[2] Its name means "sail cape" because of the shape of a rock close to its shore. Cape Gede, the westernmost point of Java, is located in its southwestern part.

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Coordinates: 6°45′15″S 105°13′10″E / 6.75417°S 105.21944°E / -6.75417; 105.21944