Tank! Tank! Tank!

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Tank! Tank! Tank!
Tank! Tank! Tank! arcade flyer.jpg
Arcade flyer
Developer(s)Bandai Namco Games
Publisher(s)Bandai Namco Games[1][2][3]
Platform(s)Arcade, Wii U
  • JP: October 15, 2009[1]
  • NA: December 2009
  • EU: 2009
Wii U
  • NA: November 18, 2012[4]
  • PAL: November 30, 2012
  • JP: February 21, 2013
Nintendo eShop
  • JP: December 26, 2012
  • PAL: February 14, 2013
  • NA: May 2, 2013
Genre(s)Action,[1] Simulator
Multiplayer[2] (2-4 players)

Tank! Tank! Tank! (Japanese: タンク!タンク!タンク!, Hepburn: Tanku! Tanku! Tanku!) is an action video game released in arcades in 2009 and for Nintendo's Wii U in North America and PAL Regions in November 2012 and in Japan the following December.

A retail release came first in most markets, and then the game was initially launched in Japan as a downloadable free-to-play game via Nintendo eShop and then at retail on February 21, 2013. The game became free-to-play in Europe in February 14, 2013[5] and in North America on May 2, 2013.[6] This free-to-play version requires paid downloadable content to unlock all of the content of the retail version, such as campaign mode.


The player controls a tank and shoots monsters with ammunition. A player's photo is taken with a nearby camera (dubbed the NamCam - short for "Namco Camera") and is used as an avatar to identify each player's tank. Two examples of monsters confronted in the game are red dragons and giant spiders. Each level contains destructible elements and weapons range from a plasma bolt to a machine gun. Accessories can be added to the avatars, such as military helmets and wrestling masks. Collateral damage against the city background is encouraged in addition to dealing damage to the monsters that inhabit the game.[7]

Players can either divide themselves into two rival teams, team up to fight the monsters in a cooperative manner, or fight against each other.[7][8]


The Wii U version of Tank! Tank! Tank! has received mixed to mostly negative reviews, averaging a 45% on Metacritic. Kevin Knezevic of GamesRadar called it "a fun little diversion" but noted that the single-player lacked much depth.[9] GamerCheese criticized the game for being below standard for a Wii U launch title, stating "...the lack of online play...make(s) this title suffer."[10] Nintendo Power gave the game a 3.5 in the magazine's final issue.[citation needed]

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