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2008 Nike+ Human Race in Taipei TANK Lu.jpg
Tank at the 2008 The Nike+ Human Race in Taipei
Background information
Chinese name 呂建忠 (traditional)
Chinese name 吕建忠 (simplified)
Pinyin Lǚ Jiànzhōng (Mandarin)
Birth name Lü Jianzhong
Ethnicity Amis and Puyuma
Origin  Republic of China
Born (1982-02-06) 6 February 1982 (age 35)
Taitung, Taiwan
Occupation Singer-songwriter, music composer, record producer, guitarist, pianist
Genre(s) Mandopop, acoustic rock
Instrument(s) Piano, guitar

HIM International Music (2006–present)

Join Us Music (宙爾斯音樂)
Years active 2006–2012
Associated acts Fahrenheit , S.H.E , Ella Chen
Spouse(s) MerMer (2012-present)
Children Hua Hua (吕桦桦) b. May 2012
Website www.him.com.tw

Lü Jianzhong (born 6 February 1982), better known by his stage name Tank, is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter. He is currently signed to HIM International Music. His debut album, Fighting (生存之道; Fighting, The Law of Surviving) was released on February 23, 2006. His latest album, The 3rd Round, was released on May 31, 2009.


Lü was born in Taitung, Taiwan. He is a native Taiwanese: his father is from the Ami people, while his mother is Puyuma.[1] Tank married his girlfriend of two years, MerMer, on September 28, 2012. The wedding was originally planned for the end of 2011 but was postponed due to the unexpected arrival of their daughter, Hua Hua, who was born in May 2012.[2]

Tank also suffers from congenital heart disease. He suffered a heart attack in 2007, and his sister died from a sudden heart attack at the end of 2006.[3] In 2009, he had a cardioverter-defibrillator implanted to regulate his heart beat.[4]

Before releasing his debut album, Lü helped write songs for Vic Chou and S.H.E, among many other artists. He wrote the music and lyrics for track "Letting You Go" (我讓你走了), which was released by Taiwnese artist Wilber Pan in his third album Wu Ha. By the age of 21, he was already recognized for composing more than 200 songs. He was said to be the next big thing after David Tao and Jay Chou for his talents in composing songs, singing and dancing.

Two songs he composed, "Romance of Three Kingdoms" (三國戀) and "Give Me Your Love" (給我你的愛), became ending themes of Seven Swordsmen (七劍下天山) and KO One (終極一班) respectively. Another song, "Tears of a Thousand Years" (千年淚), was used as an ending theme for the drama serial The Little Fairy (天外飛仙). His second album Keep fighting (延長比賽; Keep fighting, The Extended Battle) was released on 19 January 2007. "Personal Angel" (專屬天使) was used for an ending theme of Hanazakarino Kimitachihe, a romantic comedy series. He was later requested by NCsoft to compose the theme song for the computer game, Guild Wars. "Intense Battle" (激戰) became the theme song for that game.[5] In 2007, he recorded a song with his junior, Yoga Lin of Xing Guang Bang, for the idol series Bull Fighting (鬥牛 · 要不要) with the same name.[6] He sang a duet in 2012 with Ella Chen from S.H.E from her E.P Wǒ jiùshì (<我就是。。。>) called Dǒng wǒ zài ài wǒ (<懂我再爱我>) which was also used in the soundtrack for her movie with Mike He <Bad Girl>.


Studio albums[edit]

Album # Name Release date Label
1st Fighting (生存之道) 24 February 2006 HIM International Music
2nd Keep Fighting (延長比賽) 19 January 2007 HIM International Music
3rd The 3rd Round (第三回合) 29 May 2009 HIM International Music

Soundtrack contributions[edit]

Year Album information Tracks contributed
2005 KO One Original Soundtrack
(終極一班 電視原聲帶)[7]
  • "KO One aka The Extreme Class" (終極一班) - opening theme
  • "Give Me Your Love" (給我你的愛) - ending theme
  • "From Now On" (從今以後)
2006 Hanazakarino Kimitachihe Original Soundtrack
(花樣少年少女 電視原聲帶)[8]
  • "Special Angel" (專屬天使) - ending theme
  • "Understood" (懂了)
The Little Fairy Original Soundtrack
(天外飛仙 電視原聲帶)
  • Qiānnián lèi (千年淚, "Tears of a Thousand Years") - ending theme
2007 Bull Fighting Original Soundtrack
(鬥牛要不要 電視原聲帶)[9]
  • Dòuniú yào bùyào (鬥牛要不要, "Do You Want a Bull-Fight")
2009 ToGetHer Original Soundtrack
(爱就宅一起 電視原聲帶)
  • Quán shìjiè dōu tíngdiàn (全世界都停電, "World Wide Blackout")

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nomination Result Ref
2006 Hong Kong TVB8 Awards Best Singer-songwriter (Bronze) Tank Won [10]
Best New Male Artist (Silver) Tank Won
2007 Top 10 Gold Songs "Street Bully" (街頭霸王) Nominated [11]
HITO Radio Music Awards
Best New Male Artist Tank Won [12]
2008 Top 10 Songs of the Year[Note 1] "Special Angel" (專屬天使) Won [13]
Best Original Soundtrack Hanazakarino Kimitachihe Original Soundtrack[Note 2] Won


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