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Tankafritt or Tankafritt.nu, which translates literally as download freely (.now), was started in Sweden in June 2006.

The program is an insurance firm for filesharing fines. For about $19 the Swedish filesharers are protected against the RIAA.[1] According to the founder Magnus Bråth the company is working towards expanding beyond Sweden but there are still legal issues.[2]

Their sales pitch is that if you're ever convicted of a criminal copyright infringement in a filesharing case, all you get is a T-shirt saying "I was convicted of filesharing, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt."

Tankafritt stopped accepting new members and renewals of the membership the 28th of November 2008.[3] Not long after a number of new file sharing related insurances showed up in Sweden. Among them Tankalugnt.nu and Mediabot.se.


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