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Tannefors 2011-07-16

Tannefors is a district in Linköping, Sweden. It lies just east of the city center, opposite Stångån. The district's eastern parts are dominated by Saab AB, surrounding industries and Linköping Airport. In Tannefors there is a hold point for trains on the Tjust line and Stångådal line. There is a local football team called Tannefors IF. The schools Kungsbergsskolan and Tanneforsskolan are located here.

The districts adjoining Tannefors are Johannelund, Hejdegården, Downtown and Kallerstad.

Coordinates: 58°24′27″N 15°38′24″E / 58.40750°N 15.64000°E / 58.40750; 15.64000