Tanner Island

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Tanner Island (54°38′S 36°46′W / 54.633°S 36.767°W / -54.633; -36.767Coordinates: 54°38′S 36°46′W / 54.633°S 36.767°W / -54.633; -36.767) is the westernmost and largest of the Pickersgill Islands, rising to 145m off the south coast of South Georgia. Named by United Kingdom Antarctic Place-Names Committee (UK-APC) for Dr. P.W.G. Tanner, a British Antarctic Survey (BAS) geologist who worked on the island during the 1975-76 field season.[clarification needed]

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 This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Geological Survey document "Tanner Island" (content from the Geographic Names Information System).