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The Tanoli (Hindko/Urdu: تنولی‎, تناولی; Pashto: تنولي‎) are a tribe of indigenous and undetermined origins, living mostly in Hazara area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.[1][page needed][2]

British and later assessments

The English writer Charles Allen, citing a draft manuscript written by Major James Abbott at the British Library, London, writes that the Tanolis were "extremely hostile, brave and hardy, and accounted the best swordsmen in Hazara".[3]

Tanoli resistance against the Sikhs

Mir Painda Khan and his son Mir Jehandad Khan fought the Sikhs.[citation needed] It was said, "Of all the tribal chiefs of Huzara, the most powerful [was] said to be Jehandad Khan of the Tanoli Tribe."[3] This Jehandad was later given Amb (princely state) as a reward for his loyalty, by the British Indian Government .[4]


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