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Province Asir
 • Governor Abdul Rahman Al Hazzani
 • Total 40.000
Time zone GMT +3 (UTC+3)

Coordinates: 18°56′50″N 42°10′35″E / 18.94722°N 42.17639°E / 18.94722; 42.17639

Tanomah (Arabic: تنومة‎) is a city in south-west Saudi Arabia, population 40,000. And away from Abha, a distance of 120 kilometers north .. It is one of the most important resorts in Saudi Arabia and there are waterfalls made up of natural water at the top of the mountain slopes. Mild to cold weather in most months of the year and very cold in winter, a concentration of natural forests, and is famous for abundant juniper pine trees, where it rains throughout the year. Covered by the fog, which often makes the vision for a distance of 1 meter is not possible, there are a number of parks, including Alsharaf, Mnaa, Mahfar, Alerbuah, Trges, waterfalls Dahna, and Alehifah .