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The Tanti Community people are found across the northeastern portion of India. The greatest concentration is believed to be in the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Kolkata as well as Odisha. They are slightly less concentrated than some groups because their designation started with their occupation rather than a particular group.


The word tanti is derived from the Hindi word tant, which means a loom. They were traditionally weavers, and are one of the many communities found in South Asia, traditionally associated with this craft. According to their traditions, they were created by the Hindu god Shiva from his tears. The community is found in south Bihar, and district of Ranchi in Jharkhand.[1]


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you can see this URL for government list ..Tanti belongs to OBC category User list of Bihar government the list no is 123 and central government list no is 48


http://www.bcmbcmw.tn.gov.in/obc/faq/bihar.pdf http://scbc.bih.nic.in/ObcList.htm