Tantum ergo, WAB 42

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Tantum ergo
Motet by Anton Bruckner
Sacrament Cardinal Danneels.jpg
Key D major
Catalogue WAB 42
Form Hymn
Text Tantum ergo
Language Latin
Composed 9 June 1846 (1846-06-09): St. Florian Abbey
Published 1893 (1893): Innsbruck
Vocal SSATB choir
Instrumental Organ

Tantum ergo ("Let us raise"), WAB 42, is a setting of the hymn Tantum ergo composed by Anton Bruckner in 1846.


Bruckner composed this motet on 9 June 1846 during his stay in St. Florian Abbey. The autograph voice score, without the organ score, is present in the archive of the St. Florian Abbey.[1]

In 1888, Bruckner revised this setting, together with the revision of previous four Tantum ergo. The revised version of the five Tantum ergo was published first by Johann Groß, Innsbruck in 1893.[2]

Both the 1846 and 1888 versions are put in Band XXI/13 and 38 of the Gesamtausgabe.[3]


The works is scored in D major for SSATB choir and organ. The first setting is 36-bar long. The bars 21-32 are optional.[1] In the 31-bar long revised version 8 bars are removed and a 3-bar Amen is added.[2]

This fifth Tantum ergo is characterised bij its marked solemness. After a climax on novo cedat rituit it goes on, diminuendo, to an intimate quasi-Mozartian coda.[4]

Selected discography[edit]

The first recording occurred in c. 1931:

  • Ludwig Berberich, Münchner Domchor – 78 rpm: Christschall 118A (2nd version, a cappella)

1846 version[edit]

There is a single recording of this first version:

  • Thomas Kerbl, Chorvereinigung Bruckner 09, Anton Bruckner Chöre/Klaviermusik – CD: LIVA 034 (first strophe only)

1888 version[edit]

A selection among the about 20 recordings:


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