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Tanveer Zaidi
Tanveer Zaidi Interview.jpg
Tanveer Zaidi During an Interview
Born Allahabad
Occupation Actor, Educationist, Businessman, Philanthropist
Nationality Indian
Alma mater St. Joseph's College, Allahabad

Tanveer Zaidi Urdu: تنویر زیدی‎, Hindi: तनवीर ज़ैदी; born to Syed Mashooq Hussain is an Indian film actor and educationist. He has appeared in couple of Hindi films.


Tanvir Zaidi, or Tanveer Zaidi or Tanweer Zaidi who started acting as a child artist in Babban Khan's 'Abrak ke Panje' has been attached to the world of glamour ever since.After getting success as a theatre actor, Tanveer Zaidi got films. Hindi feature film 'Belagaam' made him more popular. In 'Belagaam' he played the lead character of Pramod. The film was a hit at the boxoffice/theatres. Dvds/Vcds are available on Captain Videos. Tanveer Zaidi was also seen playing a lead role of a Police Inspector Ansh in a Hindi/awadhi feature film 'Kahe gaye pardes piya', this film got huge success at the boxoffice/theatres,the DVDs of this movie is available in stores on Venus. Basically a computer professional (Tanveer Zaidi is the director of acti computers and acti public school), Tanveer adore acting, he is a regular face on TV, TV serials 'Jail mein hai zindagi', 'Music Mania', 'Jurm', 'Adalat', 'Big Memsaab 4', 'Big Memsaab 5', 'Mele Ka Big Star 1', 'Mele Ka Big Star 2', ' Mano Na Mano' are his known serials, he also modelled for music video 'Sharmili Nazar', 'Ammaneh'. Tanvir Zaidi has remained attached to radio, creative writing and modelling. His forthcoming Bollywood flicks are '26 January Good Morning India', 'Umasss', 'The last encounter', 'Ye jeevan hai', 'Shadi Wadi'in all his movies he is playing the lead roles.[1]

Tanveer Zaidi was born on 1 December (English Calendar) or 6 June (Urdu Calendar) in Allahabad, U.P, India. He is a live entertainer also, you can watch him in many shows,he like hosting big shows.In a recent event 'Danik Jagran's Hercules Inext Bikeathon'held in Allahabad he performed to packed audiences.[2]

Tanveer Zaidi got Nift Awards for the best actor in a leading role for the Hindi/awadhi feature film 'Kahe gaye pardes piya'in 2011,True Indian culture and family traditions in Rajshree banner type style have been depicted in his movie - Kahe Gaye Pardes Piya.He got Reliance Award in 2012 for his immense contribution as an actor to the entertainment industry,He was also awarded by Yellow and Red Music in 2012. He was also honoured as a BEST ACTOR for his Hindi film 'YE JEEVAN HAI' by '8th RK excellence national award '13 'Apart from plays and films, Zaidi has also tried his hands in modeling assignments. He is a regular feature in T.V. Recently, he was in the news for his music album Ammaneh.[3]

Film/TV actor Tanveer Zaidi appeared in a reality show BIG MEMSAAB of the satellite channel BIG MAGIC, he was a judge on the show. Tanveer Zaidi also judged a show entitled ASLI NUMBER ONE of 92.7 BigFm and BIG MAGIC.

Venus has recently released the DVDs/vcds of Tanveer Zaidi's superhit Hindi/Awadhi feature film KAHE GAYE PARDES PIYA. Kahe gaye pardes piya was released in 2009 with 1173 prints, the movie was premiered at Allahabad, which is also the home town of Tanveer Zaidi. Hindi feature film Guardians was released on 20 June 2014 all over in which Tanveer Zaidi has played the lead role of Akash.[4]


  • He is a firm believer of God.कर्म पर ही विश्वास करता हूं.[5]
  • Most of the reality shows are pre planned and scripted, says Tanveer Zaidi in an interview.[6]
  • At the prize distribution of cycle rally organized by Inext,Tanveer announced the name of the winners and distributed the prize in Allahabad.[7]
  • Tanveer was the judge of the show named 'Asli number one' of 92.7Big fm.[8]
  • तनवीर जैदी मानते हैं कि साइक्लिंग से अच्छी कोई दूसरी एक्सरसाइज नहीं है, वो जब भी इलाहाबाद आते हैं तो साइक्लिंग जरूर करते हैं.[9]
  • तनवीर की नज़र में फिटनेस के लिए साइक्लिंग से अच्छा और कुछ नहीं,बचपन में सनबीम, भगवानपुर में पढ़ते थे तब से लेकर एजुकेशन कम्प्लीट करने तक उन्होंने साइकिलिंग किया[10]

Feature Films and Television appearances[edit]

  • PrernaTV Show
  • Jail mein hai Zindagi TV series
  • Kahe Gaye Pardes Piya Hindi/Awadhi feature film released was a superhitin 2009,DVDs released by Venus in 2011
  • Be-Lagaam (2002) Hindi feature film released in 2002 was a hit at the box office, DVD rights are with Captain videos,Satellite rights are with B4U movies.
  • Big Memsaab 4 - a popular reality show of 92.7 Big Fm /Big Magic
  • Asli Number One - a popular reality show of 92.7 Big Fm/Big Magic
  • Adrak K Panje - Theatre/TV series/show
  • Bagicha - a Hindi film
  • Murgha Jhatke Ka - a comedy film in Hindi language
  • Ganga Kinarey - An Awadhi/Hindi feature film
  • Sajni- An Awadhi Hindi feature film
  • Kab door hoga dil ka tamas - theatre
  • Chunnu Miya'n ki chaii - theatre
  • Umasss - a Hindi feature film.
  • Big Memsaab 5 - a T.V series of Big Magic,
  • Mele Ka Big Star-1,- a T.V series of Big Magic,
  • Mele Ka Big Star-2,- a T.V series of Big Magic,
  • The Last Encounter - a Hindi feature film,
  • Shadi Wadi - a Hindi feature film
  • Adalat - a T.V series
  • The White Butterfly-An English film for Camel Productions,Austria
  • Ye Jeevan Hai- A Hindi feature film
  • Guardians- A Hindi feature film
  • The Last Encounter- A Hindi feature film

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