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Tanya Gold
Born 1973
United Kingdom
Occupation Journalist, author
Notable credit(s)

Daily Mail columnist
The Guardian columnist

The Independent columnist

Tanya Gold (born 31 December 1973[1])is a British journalist. She was educated at the independent Kingston Grammar School and Merton College, Oxford and has written for British newspapers including The Guardian, the Daily Mail,[2] The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times[3] and the Evening Standard. In 2009 she was highly commended in the Feature Writer of the Year category at the British Press Awards.[4] In 2010 she won Feature Writer of the Year at the British Press Awards[5] and was also nominated for Columnist of the Year.[6]

She has written articles exploring her recovery from alcoholism,[7][8] and her undercover investigations into the television series Big Brother. She has also written a column about giving up smoking, "The Quitter".[9]

In October 2008, she wrote an article for The Guardian about her alma mater: "Oxford is hellish. It needs to be broken apart and stuffed with state school kids – for its own good."[10] She criticised Merton and Oxford University, for a culture she saw as privileged, stratified by socioeconomic status, and emotionally repressive.


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