Tanya Gyani

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Tanya Gyani
Tanya Gyani
Born Chandigarh, India
Education National Institute of Fashion Technology
Website www.tanyagyani.com

Tanya Gyani is an interior designer.

Gyani graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi, India and completed her Masters in Interior Design from Florence, Italy where she was awarded the Elite Student Award of the FDA.


Living and studying in Florence and the South of France stemmed Tanya's greatest influences. She states "In France, I went to the Domaine de Boisbuchet for a course in Exhibition Design conducted by the Vitra Design Museum and Centre Georges Pompidou, which I recommend to anybody even remotely interested in heightening their creative senses because both the location and course structure is highly conducive to conceptualizing and exploring new ideas." Tanya also gathered further design insight from being engrossed within the origin of the Renaissance and the antiquity and culture behind it.[1]


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