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Tanya Markova
OriginManila, Philippines
GenresOPM/Pinoy rock, happy goth, gothic pop, baroque pop, synthpop, shock pop, dark wave, alternative rock
Years active2006–present
LabelsMCA Music (2010–2014)
MembersHarlon Agsaoay (Norma Love)
Angelo del Pilar (Iwa Motors)
Philipp Jertie Alejandro (Mowmow)
Florante "Rhan" Sabas (Rez Curtis)
Kix Chavez (Skrovak Iskapanjo)
Oliver Romblon (Isabel Olé)
Japo Anareta (Robot Jaworski)
Levy Arago (Levy Poe)
Past membersEdson Broce (Rufa Mae Milby)
Jasper Borbajo (Heart Abunda)
EJ "Kid" Guevarra (Jennylyn Sucaldito)
Jollybee "JB" Borbajo (Sugar K.)

Tanya Markova is a Filipino rock band formed in 2006 and went mainstream in 2010. The band is composed of Harlon Agsaoay, Angelo del Pilar, Philipp Alejandro, Rhan Sabas, Kix Chavez, Oliver Romblon, Japo Anareta and Levy Arago. The band is recognizable due to their makeup and costumes, with each member having an onstage persona.



Tanya Markova was formed in 2004 by Harlon Agsaoay and Angelo del Pilar. Del Pilar immediately thought of an idea to combine sappy melodies and scary caricature-driven lyrics, then they decided to compose songs filled with sarcasm, idiocy, and childish ramblings. During those times the song they've created were only meant to be a joke with nonsensical titles. It took several months before they could find members who would agree to their concept, and almost 2 years to complete the line-up and perform live onstage. The said members originally hail from Bacolod, San Carlos City (Negros Occidental), Isabela, Leyte and some in Metro Manila.

Tragedy and hiatus[edit]

The band was on their lowest point on September 9, 2009 due to the unexpected death of Jollybee "JB" Borbajo a.k.a. Sugar K. Due to this sudden loss, the band declared a hiatus in order to deal with the emotional experience and to think about the band's direction. In December 2009, EJ Guevarra went back to Manila to play lead guitar for Tanya Markova once again. He was actually Tanya Markova’s original guitarist (Sugar K. previously played drums before switching to guitars when Rufa Mae Milby decided to join) and was able to play in a few gigs and became involved on Tanya Markova’s first few demos but he decided to go back to Bacolod due to personal and work reasons. And when Sugar K. died, he was the only guitarist on their mind that could fill his shoes. EJ Guevarra decided to don the Jennylyn Sucaldito suit again.[1]

MCA Music and Tanya Markova (2010)[edit]

On January 19, 2010 the band were signed by MCA Music Philippines (whose OPM line-up includes top brass artists like Chicosci, Urbandub, Pedicab, The Dawn and Franco among others).[1][2] On April 12, 2010 the band released their self-titled debut album Tanya Markova under MCA Music.[3][4] Their carrier single "Picture Picture" was a success and also their most popular song to date. The next two singles "Disney" and "Linda Blair" was also a success for the band.

Band's name[edit]

The band got their name from Filipina actress Tanya Garcia and the last name from Dolphy's gay movie character Markova. It's also a coincidence that an anagram of "Tanya Markova" is "Natay Karovam" or "Natay Karubam", an Ilokano word which means "Dead Neighbor".[5]


Former members[edit]

  • Rufa Mae Milby – drums
  • Heart Abunda – keyboard synthesizer
  • Jennylyn Sucaldito – lead guitar
  • Sam Quinto – drums
  • Sugar K† (deceased) – lead guitar


Studio albums[edit]


  • "Picture Picture"
  • "Disney"
  • "Linda Blair"
  • "P.A. Roadie Fernandez"
  • "Da Facebook Song"
  • "Jacuzzi"
  • "Creep"
  • "Hello Hello Hello"
  • "Ang Darling Kong Zombie"
  • "High-End"
  • "Iglap" [6]

Music videos[edit]

  • "Picture Picture"
  • "Disney"
  • "Linda Blair"
  • "P.A. Roadie Fernandez"
  • "Da Facebook Song"
  • "Jacuzzi"
  • "Hello Hello Hello"
  • "Ang Darling Kong Zombie"
  • "High-End"
  • "Iglap"

Awards and nominations[edit]

PMPC Star Awards for Music[edit]

  • Nominated: Male Rock Artist of the Year (2012)
  • Nominated: Music Video of the Year (2012)

Awit Awards[edit]

  • Nominated: Best Performance by a Group of Recording Artists (Picture Picture) (2011)
  • Nominated: Best Performance by a New Group of Recording Artists (Picture Picture) (2011)
  • Nominated: Music Video of the Year (Disney) (2011)

NU Rock Awards[7][edit]

  • Won: Best New Artist (2010)
  • Won: Best Music Video - "Disney" (2010)
  • Won: Best Live Act (2010)
  • Nominated: Artist of the Year (2010)
  • Nominated: Album of the Year - "Tanya Markova" (2010)
  • Nominated: Guitarist of the Year - EJ Guevarra, Florante Sabas (2010)
  • Nominated: Song of the Year - "Picture Picture" (2010)

MYX Music Awards[edit]

  • Won: Favorite New Artist (2011)
  • Nominated: Favorite Music Video - "Disney" (2011)
  • Nominated: Favorite Song - "Disney" (2011)
  • Nominated: Favorite MYX Live Performance (2011)[8]

Monster Radio RX 93.1[edit]

  • Won: OPM Band of the Year (2010)
  • Won: New Artist of the Year (2010)


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