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Tanya Preminger, is an Israeli sculptor born in the Soviet Union.


Tanya earned a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree from the Surikov Academy of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia. Since 1972 she lives, works and teaches in Israel.

Tanya works in various art media such as sculpture, landscape art, installation and photography. She presented 29 one-person exhibitions in Israel from 1978–2011, including: The Negev Museum, Open Museum Omer, Ramat Gan Museum, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Lutshansky Museum, 'Painters and Sculptors' Association Gallery, Tova Osman Gallery, Jerusalem Artists House, Efrat Gallery.

She has participated in over 90 group exhibitions worldwide.

Participated in over 100 Sculpture Symposiums and Competitions worldwide including: China, Canada, Austria, Greece, France, Italy, Taiwan, Sweden, USA, India, Germany, Finland, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Japan, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Turkey, Serbia, Slovakia.

Over 90 of her landscape works and sculptures are presented worldwide. [1]

"Woodhenge". 2007. Wood, iron, gravel. Height 320 Diameter 1100 cm. Furstenfeld, Austria.

"Mater Nostra". 1998. Marble. 100 x 200 x 100 cm. Anatalya, Turkey.


Year Award Competition Country
2016 Encouragement Prize. Ministry of Culture. Israel
2014 Third Place Sculpture Snow Competition "SculpOLIMP" Moscow, Russia
2013 First Place 2nd International Sculpture Symposium of Mercosul Bento Gonçalves,Brazil
2013 Second place Open competition for snow and ice sculpture "Sculp-OLIMP" Moscow, Russia
2011 Third Place Chinese First International Public Sculpture Contest. China
2011 Special Selection Award. International Competition for Sea Art Festival Busan.Korea
2011 First Place Stone Sculpture Competition "Forma viva". Slovenia
2010 Winner " Nashe Otechestvo" Competition Moskow, Russia.
2010 Third place International Snow Sculpture Competition Valloire, France.
2007 Second Place International Sculpture Competition "La Piera Musa Agreste", Italy.
2003 First Place Competition for Sculpture work " Mifal Hapais" Israel
2003 Excellent Works Selection International City Sculpture Exhibition Fuzhou, China.
2001 Sculptors Award International Stone Sculpture Competition San-Chung, S. Korea.
1999 First Place International Stone Sculpture Competition "Nantopietra" Nanto, Italy.
1998 "Con Salud" Prize International Biennale Sculpture Competition Resistencia, Argentina.
1997 First Place International Stone Sculpture Competition Fanano, Italy.
1996 Third Place International Stone Sculpture Competition Caorle, Italy.
1995 Outstanding Prize International Stone Sculpture Competition Hualien, Taiwan.


2013 Grant of “Artist” for Setuchi Trienale, Japan.
2009 Artist Residence grant, Pedvale Open Air Art Museum, Latvia.
2002 Artist-in-residence grant. Houston University, Texas, USA.
1991 Artist-in-residence grant. B.E.M.I.S., Omaha, USA.


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