Tanzania Labour Party

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Tanzania Labour Party
Chama cha TLP  (Swahili)
Abbreviation TLP
Chairman Augustino Mrema
Founder Leo Lwekamwa
Founded 1992
Headquarters Dar es Salaam
Political position Left-wing

The Tanzania Labour Party (TLP) is an opposition political party in Tanzania.[1]

Electoral performance[edit]

At the 2000 legislative elections, the party won 3 out of 269 seats in the National Assembly. In the presidential elections of the same day, its candidate Augustine Lyatonga Mrema won 7.8% of the vote.

In elections held on 14 December 2005, TLP presidential candidate Augustine Mrema placed fourth out of ten candidates, winning 0.75% of the vote. The party won one seat in National Assembly elections held on the same day.