Tanzania Revenue Authority

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Tanzania Revenue Authority
Mamlaka ya Mapato Tanzania  (Swahili)
Tanzania Revenue Authority Logo.jpg
Government Agency overview
Formed 1996
Jurisdiction Tanzania
Headquarters Sokoine Drive, Dar es Salaam
Motto Together we build our nation
Employees 3,600
Minister responsible
Government Agency executive
  • Alphayo Kidata, Commissioner General
Key document
  • Tanzania Revenue Authority Act, 1995
Website www.tra.go.tz

The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) is a government agency of Tanzania, charged with the responsibility of managing the assessment, collection and accounting of all central government revenue. It is a semi-autonomous body that operates in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs. The current chairperson of the TRA is Dr. Mrs. Marcellina M. Chijoriga. Offices of the TRA are located in Dar es Salaam.

The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) was established by Act of Parliament Not. 11 of 1995, and started its operations on 1 July 1996. In carrying out its statutory functions, TRA is regulated by law, and is responsible for administering impartially various taxes of the Central Government. [1]

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