Tanzanian passport

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Tanzanian passport
Front Cover - Tanzanian Passport.jpg
The front cover of a contemporary Tanzanian passport
Issued by  Tanzania
Type of document Passport
Purpose Identification
Eligibility requirements Tanzanian citizenship

The Tanzanian passport is issued to citizens of The United Republic of Tanzania for international travel. The Immigration Department is responsible for the issuance of Passports.

This Department falls under the Tanzanian Ministry of Home Affairs. This passport is issued only to citizens of Tanzania. There are mainly three types of Passports, which are Ordinary, Service and Diplomatic. Although there is fourth type of passport, which is the East African passport, it is mainly intended for travel within the region.


Currently the Passport Control Authority of Tanzania issues Machine-readable Passports. The old model was designed in the 1970s, before computer technology became widely available, hence the holder's data was typewritten or even handwritten on it. The new Tanzanian passport complies with the ICAO Document 9303 standard. When the passport is first issued, the holder's fingerprints, signature and photograph are digitally acquired and stored in a database, but only the holder's digital picture is coded in the physical passport, in a two-dimensional barcode. The latter, as well as the holder's personal identification data and his or her picture are directly laser-printed on the passport.


The Tanzanian passport is usually valid for a period of ten years from the date of issuance. Once expired it must be renewed in order to continue travelling. However, it can be renewed a few months before expiring so as not to inconvenient frequent travellers.


Details inside the passport are provided in Swahili (The official Language) and English (which is also widely used). There are captions in the data page that are translated in these two languages as well.


The passport itself is green. The front cover bears the Title "Passport" at the top and, "The United Republic of Tanzania", written at the bottom, separated by the Tanzanian Coat of Arms, which reads,"Uhuru na Umoja". The writing inscribed on the coat of arms means "Freedom and Unity".

The Passport Contains 48 pages,with the data page being the last at the back of the passport.

The Data Page Includes:

  • 1.Type
  • 2.State Code
  • 3.Passport Number
  • 4.Surname
  • 5.Name
  • 6.Nationality
  • 7.Date of Birth
  • 8.Sex
  • 9.Issue Date
  • 10.Expiry Date
  • 11.Place of Birth
  • 12.Issuing authority
  • 13.Electronically printed Signature

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