Steward's Lodge

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Steward's Lodge
Steward's Lodge W1 2011-03.jpg
View into Steward's Lodge grounds
Steward's Lodge is located in Dublin
Steward's Lodge
Location within Dublin
General information
LocationPhoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland
Coordinates53°21′58″N 6°21′29″W / 53.36619°N 6.35802°W / 53.36619; -6.35802Coordinates: 53°21′58″N 6°21′29″W / 53.36619°N 6.35802°W / 53.36619; -6.35802
Current tenantsTaoiseach
Renovation cost€600,000
OwnerGovernment of Ireland
Technical details
Floor count2

The Steward's Lodge is a house which was originally part of the Farmleigh estate, alongside the Phoenix Park in Dublin. It is sometimes used as a residence by the Taoiseach (prime minister) of Ireland.



The Steward's Lodge was originally built in the grounds of Farmleigh house – an 18th-century estate which was formerly owned by members of the Guinness family.[citation needed] Originally accessible within the grounds of the estate, the lodge was subsequently separated from Farmleigh during later refurbishment works.[1]

Taoiseach's residence[edit]

There is no official residence of the Taoiseach, with each Taoiseach residing in either their own homes, or in an apartment in Dublin. In the 1970s, plans were made to turn the former Apostolic Nunciature (formerly the Under Secretary's Lodge) in the Phoenix Park into an official residence. However, the plans fell through and the Georgian building was subsequently demolished.[2]

In 2006, it was announced by the Office of Public Works that the Steward's Lodge had been renovated, at a cost of nearly €600,000.[3] It was speculated that the house would become the official private residence of the Taoiseach after the 2007 general election and any official engagements would be carried out in the nearby Farmleigh or Government Buildings.[4]

There was political sensitivity at government level about the project, with some concerned that it could be depicted as a lavish "perk" for the Taoiseach. In 2005, a spokeswoman for Bertie Ahern stated he had no interest in using it, and he remained resident in his private home in Drumcondra in Dublin.[4] In 2008, it was reported that Brian Cowen might use it as his official residence.[1] Media reports suggest that Garda concerns for the Taoiseach's security precluded him from continuing to reside in his own Dublin home in the city centre.[1] Cowen did not formally reside in the Steward's Lodge, preferring to return to his family home in County Offaly, but he did use it "from time to time".[5][6] In 2011, the Irish Mail on Sunday and Irish Sunday Mirror newspapers reported that the then Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, would make use of the residence,[7][8][9] but there is no indication that he has used the Lodge over his private Dublin apartment or Castlebar residence.[10]


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