Tapanahony River

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1905 map of the Tapanahoni River.

The Tapanahoni River (sometimes called Tapanahony) is a major river in the south eastern part of Suriname, South America. The river originates in the Southern part of the Eilerts de Haan Mountains, near the border with Brazil. It joins the Marowijne River at a place called Stoelmans Island. Upstream, there are many villages inhabited by Indian Tiriyó people, while further downstream villages are inhabited by the Indian Wayana and Maroon Ndyuka people.

Villages along the river[edit]

Inhabited by Tiriyó[edit]

Inhabited by Wayana[edit]


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Coordinates: 4°22′N 54°27′W / 4.367°N 54.450°W / 4.367; -54.450