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"Gateway of Kahurangi" in Tapawera

Tapawera is a small town in New Zealand's South Island. It is located thirty kilometres (nineteen miles) southwest of Nelson by the banks of the Motueka River. The population including the surrounding area was 396 in the 2013 census, a decrease of 9 from 2006.[1] The town is a gateway to the Kahurangi National Park.[2]

Tapawera has a school (Tapawera Area School),[3] local supermarket (Four Square), a camp ground, a few cafes and a garage.

Geographic centre of New Zealand[edit]

The 'geographic centre of New Zealand' (including Stewart Island and some smaller islands in addition to the North and South Island, but excluding the Chatham Islands) was calculated in 1962 to be in a patch of unremarkable dense scrub in a forest in Spooners Range 12 km (7 miles) to the south of Tapawera, : 41°30′S 172°50′E / 41.500°S 172.833°E / -41.500; 172.833 (Geographical Centre of New Zealand).[4]

Coordinates: 41°24′S 172°49′E / 41.400°S 172.817°E / -41.400; 172.817


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