TapeTrack Tape Management Framework

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TapeTrack Tape Management Framework
GazillaByte Logo.png
Developer(s) GazillaByte
Initial release January 1998; 20 years ago (1998-01)
Stable release
Written in C
Operating system z/OS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Solaris, AIX, HPUX, IBMi
Available in English
Type Tape Management System
License Proprietary software
Website tapetrack.com

TapeTrack Tape Management Framework is a Tape Management System developed by GazillaByte Pty Ltd in Australia in 1998 and later developed by GazillaByte LLC in the United States. The 2013 release was launched January 2013 and is the 15th build version.


The TapeTrack suite was originally developed in Australia by GazillaByte Pty Ltd in 1998 and was marketed by TMS Solutions Pty Ltd. Soon after, TMS Solutions changed its name to TapeTrack Pty Ltd and began selling TapeTrack into the US, Israeli and Australian data protection industry markets.

In 2010, GazillaByte Pty Ltd withdrew its sales rights from TapeTrack Pty Ltd and now markets and sells TapeTrack worldwide through its subsidiary GazillaByte LLC.


The 5 pillars[edit]

TapeTrack's design and architecture is based on the 5 Pillars of Tape Management.[1] These 5 Pillars can be defined as:

  • Asset Management - Record of an enterprise's media assets and the dynamic updating of that record.
  • Chain of Custody - Record of who has been in contact with media assets.
  • Library Management - Record of the locations, both past and present, of media assets.
  • Disaster Recovery - Monitoring media assets required for an enterprise to recover from disaster.
  • Quality Control - Efficiently and regularly ensuring that the aforementioned four pillars are operating effectively.



TapeTrack Framework Server is a background task that functions as a hub for tape management information.


TapeTrack TapeMaster is an administrative console interface designed to monitor media on an enterprise level. TapeTrack TapeMaster can monitor an infinite number of media volumes, media types, repositories and locations.


TapeTrack Lite is a Windows Wizard application that guides users step-by-step through tasks such as sending media offsite, receiving media to their current location, scanning media in and out of a location as well as some basic management tools. TapeTrack Lite is often provided to clients of records management organizations using the TapeTrack Tape Management Framework.


TapeTrack Sync manages offsite rotations for CommVault and NetBackup and syncs them with the TapeTrack database. It includes native support for CA-1, RMM, Control-M/Tape, Zara, BRMS, Tivoli Storage Manager, BackupExec, CommVault, NetBackup, Data Protector, Networker and TIMEnavigator.[2]

Iron Mountain SecureSync[edit]

TapeTrack for Iron Mountain Secure Sync is an interface with Iron Mountain's SecureSync web management product that provides automated Picking and Distribution functionality along with automated account reconciliation.

Supported platforms[edit]

TapeTrack runs natively on the following computing architectures:

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