Tape Head

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Tape Head
Studio album by King's X
Released October 20, 1998
Recorded May 1998 - Jul 1998
Hound Pound and Alien Beans Studios
Genre Hard rock, progressive metal
Length 47:41
Label Metal Blade
Producer King's X
King's X chronology
Best of King's X
(1997)Best of King's X1997
Tape Head
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(2000)Please Come Home... Mr. Bulbous2000
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars [1]
The Phantom Tollbooth4/5 stars {2 reviews} [2]
HM MagazineHM Magazine review[3]

Tape Head is the seventh studio album by heavy metal/hard rock trio King's X, released in 1998.

Track listing[edit]

All songs by King's X.

  1. "Groove Machine" – 3:42
  2. "Fade" – 3:24
  3. "Over and Over" – 3:23
  4. "Ono" – 3:55
  5. "Cupid" – 4:14
  6. "Ocean" – 3:08
  7. "Little Bit of Soul" – 4:13
  8. "Hate You" – 3:01
  9. "Higher Than God" – 3:00
  10. "Happy" – 5:38
  11. "Mr. Evil" – 3:45
  12. "World" – 3:36
  13. "Walter Bela Farkas (Live Peace in New York)" – 2:32
  14. "Two" (Bonus track for cassette and import CD editions)


Album notes[edit]

  • Mixed and mastered at Alien Beans by Ty Tabor
  • Photography by Wanda Tabor
  • Cover by Ty Tabor
  • Design by Brian J Ames
  • Additional musicians: Wally Farkas - vocals on "Walter Bela Farkas"
  • According to Doug Pinnick, he brought the songs "Happy", "Cupid" and "Hate You" and Ty Tabor brought "Ocean" to the Tape Head recording sessions.[citation needed]
  • All other songs were band created during the recording session - a song a day for 14 days.[citation needed]
  • A music video was made for "Fade".
  • The controversial unreleased track, "Quality Control" is included on Tape Head, only now the song is titled "Happy". The majority of the lyrics are now different, including the lack of profanity.[citation needed]
  • The album cover picture is that of Doug Pinnick wrapped in recording tape.
  • The song "Walter Bela Farkas" was recorded live 8.8.1996 at Tramps NYC. They did the "gag" at every show that tour, but the recording took place in New York.
  • "World" is a reworked song from their Sneak Preview demos.


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