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Taper may refer to:

  • Part of an object in the shape of a cone (conical)
  • Taper (transmission line), a transmission line gradually increasing or decreasing in size
  • Fishing rod taper, a measure of the flexibility of a fishing rod
  • Conically tapered joints, made of ground glass, commonly used in chemistry labs to mate two glassware components fitted with glass tubings
  • Luer taper, a standardized fitting system used for making leak-free connections between slightly conical syringe tips and needles
  • Tapered thread, a conical screw thread made of a helicoidal ridge wrapped around a cone
  • Machine taper, in machinery and engineering
  • Mark Taper Forum, a theatre in the Los Angeles Music Center
  • A ratio used in aeronautics (see Chord (aeronautics))
  • A thin candle
  • Philadelphia Tapers (also New York Tapers and Washington Tapers), a defunct professional basketball team
  • Taper (cymbal), the reduction in thickness of a cymbal from center to rim
  • Taper pin, used in manufacturing
  • Taper insertion pin, used in body piercing
  • Taper (concert), a person who records audio concerts, usually via portable setup
  • Taper, a type of men's haircut (see crew cut)

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