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Temporal range:
Middle Permian, 268–260 Ma
(possible Kungurian record)
Moschops BW.jpg
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Clade: Synapsida
Order: Therapsida
Clade: Eutherapsida
Suborder: Dinocephalia
Clade: Tapinocephalia

Tapinocephalia is one of the major groups of dinocephalian therapsids.The Tapinocephalia are the major herbivorous clade of the Dinocephalia.The Tapinocephalia are thought to consist of three clades: the Styracocephalidae, the Titanosuchidae, and the very successful Tapinocephalidae. Notable tapinocephalians include Moschops, Tapinocephalus, and Titanosuchus.

Unlike the anteosaurs and estemmenosuchids, the tapinocephalians are primarily an African group.The estemmenosuchids and pareiasaurs may have occupied this paleo-bovine niche in the north.Only one tapinocephalian, Ulemosaurus, is known from Russia.

Earlier tapinocephalians were carnivorous or omnivorous. One such group of carnivorous/omnivorous tapinocephalians are the Titanosuchidae. These were long-tailed predators that hunted other herbivorous therapsids. Later tapinocephalians were herbivorous.

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