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Native name
FounderBrett Hales
Ben Lawton
Kerry Esson
Matthew Wick
Courtney Keim
Key people
Brett Hales, CEO, Managing Director

Tappr is a financial technology company based in Brisbane, Australia that designs and develops payment, point of sale and business solutions suited to SME's.[1] Brett Hales[2] founded Tappr in 2012 and develops a smart card terminal, mPOS apps and other business tools suited to SME's. In 2014, Tappr developed its first working prototype of the Tappr Card Reader. Since then a number of prototypes have been conceptualised while the company built its apps and API. In June 2016, Tappr produced a new prototype of the Tappr Card Reader which had new components including a touch LCD and android os. The Tappr App which runs the Tappr Card Reader and connects via Bluetooth was launched in September 2015 and is currently in beta testing for selected Australian users.[3]


Tappr's flagship product is a proprietary smart mobile payment device called the Tappr Card Reader.[4] The Tappr Card Reader claims to be the world's first smart card reader with its own app marketplace for third party developers and is able to take card payments, transportation cards, loyalty cards, bitcoins and digital wallet. The card reader runs an Android Operating System 6.0. Other competitors like Poynt and CommBank's Albert Terminal are supplied by Wincor Nixdorf[5] however are an integrated unit. Payment, social media, rewards and big data apps are currently being developed. The solution is compatible with iOS or Android devices and enables businesses to accept both credit card and debit card transactions and POS functions along with digital wallets and Bitcoins. Tappr's Card Reader uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to the merchant's smart device and the Card Reader supports magnetic swipe, EMV and NFC chip cards while accepting PIN and Signature verification.[1] Tappr's solution is geared towards individuals or small businesses. The Tappr app on an iPad or tablet resembles a simplified point of sale solution. Additionally, Tappr offers analytics and marketing tools derived from their sales data to the business.[6][7]

Tappr has been in development of the Tappr Card Reader since February 2013 and expects pilot production to begin in mid-2016. The Tappr App[8] is currently available now to beta users. Tappr has a commercial relationship with Mint Payments[9] and Miura to supply the Miura M010[10] to beta users in Australia currently using the Tappr App and Dashboard.[11]

Tappr Card Reader
Tappr Card Reader color options
Brett Hales and Kerry Esson Tappr at the Good Design Awards 2014

Current Products[edit]

Tappr Card Reader[edit]

The Tappr Card Reader is a smart Payment Terminal[4] designed and developed by Tappr in Brisbane, Australia.[12][13] The Tappr Card Reader combines credit and debit card acceptance with an App Marketplace and supports digital wallets, P2P payments, transportation schemes and Bitcoins. The Card Reader runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Tappr has built their own SDK which is currently available in beta to enlisted third party developers to develop apps for the Card Reader.[14] The Card Reader supports the ARM A8 processor with 512 MB of RAM to provide adequate capacity for apps with high graphics and data requirements. The Card Reader also supports a TFT 2.8" color LCD touch screen for added functionality. Tappr's aims to release their SDK to the public after official launch of the Tappr Card Reader.[15] Tappr claims the Card Reader to be a Gen 2 product in mPOS hardware. Hales suggests while many people will use the Tappr Card Reader to "just" accept a payment, opening up our SDK to the developer community opens up a new world to enrich the relationship between merchants and consumers by offering new and exciting ways to buy and sell things.[15] The Tappr Card Reader will be released in three colors varieties including Black, White and Blue, however other colors will be available once pilot production is commenced.[4] The Tappr Card Reader pairs via Bluetooth Low Energy to users smartphones and tablets and integrates with the Tappr App.

Tappr App[edit]

Launched in September 2015, The Tappr App[16] is an mobile Point of Sale app that integrates with the Tappr Card Reader and Miura M010 terminal.[17] The Tappr App combines point of sale with analytics and payment processing. Currently in beta,[16] the app is available to Australian users only with plans to launch into other regions once fully tested. The Tappr App is available for Apple smartphones and Android versions. A new version of Tappr's Application with the Miura M010 Card Reader is being rolled out in early 2018.



Brett Hales founded Tappr Enterprises in February 2012, which became Tappr Pty Ltd in April 2012.[18][19] During April 2012, Hales grew the co-Founders to include Ben Lawton, Kerry Esson, Matthew Wick and Courtney Keim. Hales wanted a company name to reflect the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology the company was developing at the time.[20] Hales is an Australian Entrepreneur and Tappr is his first official start up.[21][22] Tappr's office is located in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia.[11]

Tappr has been through a series of beta rounds perfecting the product which has added to lengthy delays in deployment of the Card Reader and application into the Australian Market. Hales suggested that the company has battled through some testing times through the concept and development and now with assistance of new investors and local incentives like QLD's $40 million fund,[23] the future is bright for Tappr.[23]


Tappr has successfully raised over USD $2.4m in seed capital from Australian and International Seed Investors.[3] Much seed funding has gone to develop Tappr's flagship products and launch Tappr into the Australian market before expanding into Asia and the Pacific. Tappr has highlighted that the company will be opening a Series A round by 2016.[3]

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