Tapti Ganga Express

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Tapti Ganga Express
Tapti Ganga Express (6169931014).jpg
Tapti GangaExpress
Service type Mail/Express
Status Operating
Current operator(s) Indian Railways
Start Surat/Chappra
Stops 30
End Chappra/Surat
Distance travelled 1728
Average journey time 33 hrs 00 mins
Service frequency five days a week
Train number(s) 19045 / 19046
On-board services
Class(es) AC 3 Tier, Sleeper Class, Unreserved
Seating arrangements Available
Sleeping arrangements Available
Catering facilities Available (Paid)
Baggage facilities Available
Track gauge Broad Gauge
Operating speed

Average - 52 km/hr (including stops) 19045 ST-CPR

Average - 51 km/hr (including stops) 19046 CPR-ST
Route map
Tapti Ganga Express (Surat - Chhapra) Route map.png

The Tapti Ganga Express (Hindi :ताप्तीगंगा एक्सप्रेस )(train codes: 19045/19046) is a Mail/Express express train on Indian Railways' broad gauge network, connecting Surat and Chappra, a distance of approximately 1,731 kilometres (1,076 mi). The train is named for the Tapti River in Surat and the Ganga River in Chappra.it was introduced in 1990by George Fernandes to run between Surat and Varanasi but in rail budget 2012-13 it extended to Chappra.

Schedule and route[edit]

As of July 2012, the Tapti Ganga express runs five days a week, departing Surat every day except Tuesday and Saturday at 9:35 AM and arriving at Chappra almost 33 hours later, at 6:35 PM the next day. Reverse trips from Chappra to Surat are available every day except Monday and Thursday, departing at 9:00 AM and arriving the next evening at 6:50. The train averages 52 kilometres per hour (32 mph) in ST-CPR direction & 52 kilometres per hour (32 mph) in CPR-ST direction .[1]

The train passes through the Indian states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Stops include Udhna, Vyara, Navapur, Nandurbar, Jalgaon, Bhusaval, Itarsi, Jabalpur, Katni, Satna, Manikpur, Mirzapur, Varanasi, Jaunpur Junction, Shahganj, Mau, and Ballia.[1]

Rake and locomotive[edit]

The Tapti Ganga Express has, on a regular basis, at least 24 carriages,[1] making it one of the longest (in terms of rake length) express trains running on the Indian Railways network.[citation needed] It is powered by a single WAM-4/WAP-4 electric locomotive between Surat and Itarsi Junction, and by two paired diesel locomotives (either WDM-3A or WDM-3D from Itarsi Junction to Chappra.

Other details[edit]

The train's 24 carriage rake is split into at least three classes of travel: AC 3 Tier, non air-conditioned reserved sleeper and General (requiring no reservation).

The Tapti Ganga Express' designation as a superfast train grants it priority over local (commuter) trains, standard express and passenger trains and most freight trains.

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