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Tarōbōgū-mae Station (太郎坊宮前駅, Tarōbōgū-mae-eki) is a railway station in Higashiōmi, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. Although the Ohmi Railway Company uses the name Tarōbōgū-mae (long sound for the first "o") on its web page,[1] the actual station signage shown on that page says Tarobōgū-mae (short sound for the first "o") in Japanese script. Both readings may be accepted.


The station was renamed after Tarōbō-gū, also known as Aga-jinja(阿賀神社), a shinto shrine near the station on April 1, 1998. Before the renaming, it was called Tarobō Station (太郎坊駅, Tarobō-eki).[2]



The station has one platform with one track, serving both directions.


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Ohmi Railway Yōkaichi Line
Rapid: Does not stop at this station
Shin-Yōkaichi   Local   Ichinobe

Coordinates: 35°06′30″N 136°11′02″E / 35.1084°N 136.1840°E / 35.1084; 136.1840