Tara June Winch

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Tara June Winch
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Born 1983[1]

Tara June Winch (born 1983) is an Australian writer of Aboriginal and European descent. Her first novel, Swallow the Air (2006), won several major Australian literary awards.


Her first novel, Swallow the Air (2006), won several awards. The judges for the Sydney Morning Herald Best Young Novelists award wrote that the book "is distinguished by its natural grace and vivid language" and that "As with many first books it deals with issues of family, growing up and stepping into the world. But it strives to connect these experiences to broader social issues, though never in a didactic fashion".[2]

Winch has been published in Vogue, VICE, McSweeney's, Overland, Best Australian Stories 2005, 2006, 2010, the Griffith Review,The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

Awards and nominations[edit]



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