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Tara Sutton is a Canadian journalist and filmmaker whose work in conflict zones has received many awards. She is one of only a handful of international television correspondents that both produce and shoot their own reports [1] also known as "video journalism".

The journalist was the only unembedded television reporter to enter Fallujah Iraq during the siege of 2004. She sneaked into the city disguised in a veil and made a controversial film that aired on Channel 4 News. The film documented human rights abuses and war crimes and was awarded the Amnesty Media Awards for television news in 2005.[2] Previously she had spent months in Fallujah documenting the rise of the insurgency[3] often living at Fallujah hospital for safety.

She has twice been a finalist for the Rory Peck Awards,[4] which honor bravery by cameramen in war zones.

She has reported from Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Darfur, Cambodia, Pakistan, Cuba, Liberia, Colombia, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia. She is freelance and her work appears on BBC Newsnight, Channel 4 News, CBC, Channel One, PBS, Discovery, Al Jazeera and The Guardian.

Personal life[edit]

She attended St Mary's School (Calne) a boarding school in Wiltshire, England and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York, and University of Toronto

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