Taramon Bibi

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Taramon Bibi
Native name তারামন বিবি
Born 1957 (age 60–61)
Shankar Madhabpur village, Kodalkati Union, Kurigram District, East Pakistan, Pakistan
Nationality Bangladeshi
  • Abdus Sobhan (father)
  • Kulsum Bewa (mother)
Awards Bir Protik

Taramon Bibi (born 1957) is one of the two female freedom fighters in Bangladesh obtaining the Bir Protik award.[1][2] She had engaged in direct combat. She fought for the Mukti Bahini (Liberation Army) which was a guerrilla force that fought against the Pakistan military in during Bangladesh War of Independence in 1971.

Early life[edit]

Bibi was born in Shankar Madhabpur village, Kurigram District to her parents Abdus Sobhan and Kulsum Bewa. She was hired by the Mukti Bahini as a help cook and clean the camp when she was 16. She was interested in the war effort and asked Havildar Muhit in infantry regiment of Sector 11 to train. He trained her on the usage of .303 British Rifle and submachine guns.[3] She was in Sector 11 under the leadership of Sector commander Abu Taher. After the war, she was awarded Bir Protik (Symbol of Valour) by Bangladesh government. But her whereabouts were unknown and the award was never handed over to her. She herself remained unaware of this until 1995 when a researcher from Mymensingh discovered her. She was finally given her award by the Prime Minister of Bangladesh on December 19, 1995.[4]


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