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Taran Butler
Known forProfessional shooter, USPSA Grand Master

Taran Butler is an American sport shooter and world champion born in California. Growing up Taran was encouraged by his mother to learn shooting and began his shooting career in 1994 after winning a Bowling pin match at a local indoor range in the Los Angeles Valley. He competed with a Glock-24 he borrowed from stuntman Bruce Barber, who encouraged him to shoot at the Southwest Pistol League. In January 1995, Butler went to the Southwest Pistol League in Piru, California, with a Glock-21, and finished 7th overall out of 118 shooters. He continued to practice and became a USPSA Grand Master in 14 months. He was also the first Glock Grand Master shooter in the history of the sport.

In 2011, Butler appeared as a trainer in the second and third season of History Channel's marksmen competition show, Top Shot. Butler is one of the handful of shooters that appears on Shooting USA's Impossible Shots. Butler has also served as a technical adviser on films like Michael Mann's Public Enemies.

Butler currently runs Taran Tactical Innovations. Butler occasionally shoots with wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin, film director James Cameron, and actors Johnny Depp and Keanu Reeves.[1]


During his shooting career, Butler has accomplished the following:[2]

  • 23 times Southwest Pistol League Champion
  • 10 times California State Three-Gun Overall winner
  • 5 times USPSA Multi-Gun National Tactical Champ
  • 3 times Rocky Mountain 3-Gun Champion
  • 5 times Fort Benning Multi-Gun winner
  • 11 times SMM3G Champion
  • 2 times IDPA National Champion
  • USPSA Multi-gun First Ever Triple Crown Champion
  • 19th (Current) South West Pistol League Combat Master
  • Multi-time Steel Challenge World Champion


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