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Tarar :

Tarar is a "Gotra" of Jat people, meaning a sub-caste of the Jat clan. In Pakistan, Tarars are one of the most educated and well-established families especially among all other Jat Castes. Tarar is considered to be a royal caste in Pakistan due to their own rule and dynasty in the central Punjab dated back from Mahmood Gaznavi's invasion of India till Mughals. They are spread out in present day Pakistani Punjab and Indian states of Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Tarars are very well educated and highly rich nation. Currently, Tarar families are controlling a great part of bureaucracy of Pakistan and playing a active role in Pakistani Politics as well. Tarars have many heritable qualities and extinguished features which make them anterior as compared to other jat tribes.

Religion :

Tarars living in Pakistan are largely Muslims, while Indian Tarars are largely Hindus and Sikhs. This distribution is largely attributed to partition of the sub continent in 1947 following which Muslim Tarars living on what was to become India moved to Pakistan and vice versa. Tarars living in Pakistan are mostly Sunnis but some of them are shias as well.

Tarars Everywhere :

There are few Tarar young professional engineers/students who came from Pakistan and settled in various European countries .They are in Sweden, Germany and U.K. Tarar families also spread their businesses in all over the Europe and Pakistan and trend shows that there is no sign of slowing.

Famous Tarar Jats :

Muhammad Rafiq Tarar eleventh President of Pakistan belongs to the Tarar clan.

Mustansar Hussain Tarar is a writer from Pakistan. He has written a number of TV plays and novels. He was known as "Uncle Tarar " for children due to his morning host program at Pakistan TV for several years.

Afzal Hussain Tarar, is a politician who has returned to national assembly twice from Hafizabad district. He had also been the chairman District council Gujranwala, Federal parliamentary secretary and Director Bank of Punjab

Muhammad Tariq Tarar

Ex MNA 2009-2013 Ex District President PPP Mandi bahauddin MNA, Parlimentary Secretary for Environment

Mumtaz Ahmed Tarar ex MNA, is a very prominent figure of Tarar Family from Saida Sharief (Mandi Bahau Din) who had played a pivitol role in politics. He remained at distinguished positions including Member of Majlis-e-Shura during Zia era, MNA during election of 1988,MNA-1993 and 1997 elctions. He was also Chairman Pakistan Khadmit Committee established during Nawaz Sharief regime. His status was equal to a fedral minister. Notable people with the surname Tarar include: