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Tarishing (Urdu: ترشنگ‎) is a village with around 200 inhabitants and a sub-division of Astore District, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. It is considered the gateway to Nanga Parbat. It has almost 25 shops, 1 high school for boys, 1 middle school for girls, 1 private English-medium school, two hotels and a small medical center (a 10-bed hospital is under construction). A large glacier beside the Rupal river is also a part of this village, that is situated on an altitude of about 2900 meters.


In summer (May - Oct), warm but moderate climate and nights are even cold in summer. In Winter (Nov-Apr), snow fall may reach up to 6 ft (1.8 m) and temperatures may go down even –20 degree Celsius.


The main language is Shina, and of Astori accent. However, Urdu is also understandable by locals being the national language of Pakistan.


The people living in Tarashing are very cooperative and hard working. Pure natural mineral water and fresh vegetables and fruits are available in this town. However, in winter, because of freezing temperature, there are no arrangements to get benefit from these facilities.


Because of bad weather and unavailability of basis needs, you should not trust any medical facility available in this town. Before you plan to visit Astore Valley, make all necessary arrangements and get enough information about these areas either from tourism companies or trusted porters.

To get to Tarashing, you have to hire a jeep from Astore, a trip which will take about 1.5 hours, or you can go there using local transport buses. There are buses from Gilgit, Manshera and other cities to Astore.