Tarauacá River

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Tarauacá River
Tarauacá River is located in Brazil
Tarauacá River
Native name Rio Tarauacá
Country Brazil
Basin features
Main source Acre state
River mouth Juruá River, Amazonas state
6°41′43″S 69°45′52″W / 6.695257°S 69.764563°W / -6.695257; -69.764563Coordinates: 6°41′43″S 69°45′52″W / 6.695257°S 69.764563°W / -6.695257; -69.764563
River system Juruá River

Tarauacá River (Portuguese: Rio Tarauacá is a river of Amazonas and Acre states in western Brazil. The Rio Tarauacá is a tributary of the Juruá River, which itself flows into the Amazon.


The headwaters of the Tarauacá are located near the Brazilian frontier with Peru. It is upper reaches it flows from south to north through the Alto Tarauacá Extractive Reserve, created in 2000.[1] The Brazilian city of Tarauacá lies along the banks of the Tarauacá further north.

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