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Town and union council
Coordinates: 34°8′0″N 72°49′0″E / 34.13333°N 72.81667°E / 34.13333; 72.81667Coordinates: 34°8′0″N 72°49′0″E / 34.13333°N 72.81667°E / 34.13333; 72.81667
Country  Pakistan
Region Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
District Haripur District
Time zone UTC+5 (PST)

Tarbela (Hindko and Pashto: تربیله‎‎; Urdu: تربیلا‎) is one of the 44 union councils, administrative subdivision, of Haripur District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.

Khalabat township is divided into four sectors: Sectors 1 and 2 are called Tarbela union; sectors 3 and 4 are called Khalabat union council.

Nearby Tarbela Dam got its name from this Tarbela.


On 1st Baisakh (April 11), the Hindu residents in the vicinity and of the Hazara plain bathe in the Indus river.[1] The assembly is religious and lasts two days.[1]


  1. ^ a b Wace, E.G. Report of the land revenue settlement of the Hazara district of the Punjab. Central Jail Press. Retrieved 2007-11-03. On 1st Baisakh, the Hindu inhabitants of the vicinity and of the Hazara plain assemble to bathe in the Indus river. The assembly is of a religious character, and is kept up for two days.