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Full name Tarbes Pyrénées Rugby
Founded 2000; 17 years ago (2000)
Location Tarbes, France
Ground(s) Stade Maurice Trélut (Capacity: 16,400)
President Jean-Pierre Davant
Coach(es) Pierre-Henry Broncan
Nicolas Nadau
League(s) Fédérale 1
2015–16 15th
1st kit
2nd kit
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Tarbes Pyrénées Rugby is a French rugby union team that currently takes part in Fédérale 1, the third, semi-professional level of the country's league system.

They were founded in August 2000 as a result of a merger between Stadoceste Tarbais and the senior side of Cercle Amical Lannemezanais. They play in red and white. They are based in Tarbes, the capital of the Hautes-Pyrénées département, in Occitania, and play at the Stade Maurice Trélut.


Several clubs from the Bigorre region have been part of the history of rugby union in France, but none of them was able to keep up with the times when professionalism appeared. Stadoceste Tarbais, the big regional gun, a two-time French champion, was struggling in the amateur leagues, like FC Lourdes (8 times French champion) and Stade Bagnérais. However, at the end of the 1999-2000 season, CA Lannemezan reached Pro D2 for the first time ever. But the Ligue Nationale de Rugby, which operates the French professional leagues, blocked the promotion, fearing that a club in a town of 6 000-odd inhabitants would never survive as a professional outfit. Stadoceste Tarbais, which had just been promoted to the 4th division (Fédérale 2), made CA Lannemezan an offer to join forces in order to build a strong viable club and reach Top 14 in the near future. Tarbes and Lannemezan are 35 km apart. The plan was backed by the local government of Hautes-Pyrénées, which would only support one top level club in the area. FC Lourdes and Stade Bagnérais were offered to join but rejected the offer as they feared that they would lose their identity in a bigger club which, in all likelihood, would play in the capital of the department, Tarbes. The board of CA Lannemezan originally rejected the merger 73%–27%, but the club president managed to get it done.

In August 2000, the new club LT65 (Lannemezan Tarbes Hautes-Pyrénées) took off as a merger of Stadoceste Tarbais and CA Lannemezan, and took the place of Lannemezan in Pro D2. Very soon though, dissensions appeared inside the club: all games were played in Tarbes, while Lannemezan became « dead on matchdays » (according to the CAL president), professional and semi-professional players were mixed, leading to frictions inside the squad etc. Soon, the club was renamed Tarbes Pyrénées Rugby, severing the symbolic link with Lannemezan. In 2003, some players and board members left and decided to relaunch the senior team in their lifelong club which had kept its youth teams. By 2005, Lannemezan was back in Fédérale 1 and hoping to climb back to Pro D2, with a view to juicy derbies against TPR; their ambitions were realized in 2009, when they won the Fédérale 1 crown and earned promotion to Pro D2. TPR has not been able to establish itself as a candidate for promotion to Top 14 so far.


  • French Championship: 1920, 1973

Current standings[edit]

2015–16 Rugby Pro D2 Table watch · edit · discuss
Club Played Won Drawn Lost Points For Points Against Points Diff Try Bonus Losing Bonus Points
1 Lyon 30 25 0 5 971 493 +478 13 4 117
2 Bayonne 30 19 1 10 658 602 +56 4 4 86
3 Aurillac 30 18 0 12 724 613 +111 6 3 81
4 Mont De Marsan 30 17 1 12 655 611 +44 5 3 78
5 Colomiers 30 16 3 11 629 590 +39 4 4 78
6 Béziers 30 17 1 12 745 662 +83 4 3 77
7 Perpignan 30 15 1 14 676 615 +61 5 6 73
8 Biarritz 30 14 0 16 674 656 +18 3 5 64
9 Bourgoin 30 12 0 18 595 642 −47 5 9 62
10 Albi 30 13 5 15 591 643 −52 2 4 62
11 Narbonne 30 13 0 17 602 653 –51 2 6 60
12 Montauban 30 12 0 18 570 624 -54 1 9 58
13 Tarbes 30 13 0 17 543 630 –87 0 9 53
14 Carcassonne 30 11 0 19 484 741 −257 0 5 49
15 Dax 30 10 1 19 538 713 −175 1 5 48
16 Provence Rugby 30 10 0 20 549 716 −167 1 5 46
Green background (row 1) Champions automatically promoted to Top 14.
Yellow background denotes winner of the promotion play-offs.
Blue background denotes teams that qualify for the promotion play-offs.
Red background denotes relegation to Fédérale 1.

Note: When two teams have the same points total, position is calculated by results between teams before points difference.
Note: Tarbes had 8 points deducted and were automatically relegated at the end of the season.

Current squad[edit]

2015-16 Note: Flags indicate national union as has been defined under WR eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-WR nationality.

Player Position Union
Theo Beziat Hooker France France
Romain Casals Hooker France France
Mathieu Giudicelli Hooker France France
Agustin Costa Repetto Prop Argentina Argentina
Hans Grobler Prop South Africa South Africa
Kakhaber Koberidze Prop Georgia (country) Georgia
Jermonimo Negroto Prop Argentina Argentina
Jerome Schuster Prop France France
Tudor Stroe Prop France France
Marius Antonescu Lock Romania Romania
Russlan Boukerou Lock France France
Addison Lockley Lock England England
Sione Timani Lock Tonga Tonga
Alexis Armary Flanker France France
Benjamin Collet Flanker France France
Filipe Manu Flanker New Zealand New Zealand
Paul Sajous Flanker France France
Nicolas Garrault Number 8 France France
Paul Tuaimalo Number 8 New Zealand New Zealand
Player Position Union
Gilen Queheille Scrum-half France France
Luix Roussarie Scrum-half France France
Nicolas Vergallo Scrum-half Argentina Argentina
Mathieu Berbizier Fly-half France France
Nicolas Laharrague Fly-half France France
Sebastian Poet Fly-half Argentina Argentina
Riaan Smit Fly-half South Africa South Africa
Jerome Cabanne Centre France France
Andrea Cocagi Centre Fiji Fiji
Jean-Baptiste Lamotte Centre France France
Julien Lastisneres Palacin Centre France France
Laurent Tranier Centre France France
Maxime Veau Centre France France
Johan Demai-Hamecher Wing France France
Adrien Domec Wing France France
Morgan Rubio Wing France France
Sionasa Vunisa Wing Fiji Fiji
Geoffrey Cros Fullback France France
Thomas Poitrenaud Fullback France France

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