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Tarcy Su
Tracy Su 2010.jpg
Su Huilun

(1970-10-27) 27 October 1970 (age 48)[1]
Jimmy Sun (m. 2014)
Musical career
Years active1990-present
LabelsZhuque / Rock Records (1990-3)
Rock Records (1994-2002)
Shanghua / Universal Music (2005-)

Tarcy Su (simplified Chinese: 苏慧伦; traditional Chinese: 蘇慧倫; pinyin: Sū Huìlún; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: So͘ Hūi-lûn; born 27 October 1970) is a Taiwanese singer and actress who was popular in the 1990s during her recording career with Rock Records.

Her first album was released in 1990, when she was 20 years old. Her albums were primarily in Mandarin, although she had three Cantonese solo albums to her name.


Su's debut album was first released in early 1990. It was a resounding success, leading to a second album in November that year. Her first five albums were produced by Zhuque (朱雀文化製作) and released by Rock Records. From 1994 to 2002 she was exclusively a Rock Records artiste.

Her most popular albums were: Lemon Tree (1996), where she sang a Mandarin cover of the song by Fool's Garden; Duck (1996), where she covered a pop song by South Korean band JuJu Club; and The Fool (1997), where the title track was composed by Singaporean group Padres.[2]

In 2002 Su was released from her contract with Rock Records. She went on to act in several films and TV series. She later signed a contract with Shanghua Records, a subsidiary company under Universal Music. She has so far released two solo Mandarin albums under Universal.

Personal life[edit]

She married her boyfriend of two years, Jimmy Sun (孫益民), who has a 7-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, in Hokkaido in March 2014.[3] The couple welcomed a baby boy in April 2015.[4]


Mandarin albums[edit]


  • 追得過一切、愛我好嗎? (10 March 1990)
  • Maybe Tomorrow、我在你心中有沒有重量? (1 November 1990)
  • My Dear My Friend、甜蜜心事 (1 July 1991)
  • 給我愛、寂寞喧嘩 (1 August 1992)
  • 六月的茉莉夢、我一個人住 (1 June 1993)
  • 就要愛了嗎 (1 October 1994)
  • 滿足 (5 October 1995)
  • Lemon Tree (23 May 1996)
  • 鴨子 (27 December 1996)
  • 傻瓜 (8 August 1997)
  • Happy Hours (15 January 1999)
  • 懶人日記 (31 December 1999)
  • 戀戀真言 (25 December 2001)
  • 蘇慧倫 (25 April 2006)
  • 左撇子、旋轉門 (19 October 2007)


  • Lemon Dance tracks
  • Duck Dance tracks
  • 圈圈


  • 我們快樂地向前走 (9 August 2016, released through Xiami music app)


  • 愛上飛鳥的女孩 (Apr 1994)
  • 失戀萬歲 (selections + new songs)
  • 蘇情時間:1990~2002全經典 (Hong Kong and Singapore limited release)
  • 滾石香港黃金十年 (Hong Kong limited release)

Cantonese albums[edit]


  • 我有時會想
  • 自然喜歡你
  • 話說蘇慧倫X檔案


  • 倫選



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