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The theatrical poster
Directed by Varuzh Karim Masihi
Produced by Saeed Sa'di
Screenplay by Varuzh Karim Masihi
Based on Hamlet
by Shakespeare
Starring Bahram Radan
Taraneh Alidoosti
Hamed Komeili
Alireza Shoja Noori
Mahtab Keramati
Kaveh Kavian
Music by Ali Samadpoor
Cinematography Bahram Badakshani
Edited by Varuzh Karim-Masihi
Release date
  • 6 February 2009 (2009-02-06) (Fajr Film Festival)
Country Iran
Language Persian

Tardid (Persian: تردید‎‎) lit. Doubt is a 2009 Iranian Crystal Simorgh-winning film directed by Varuzh Karim Masihi. It is an adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet.[1] Made after 17 years, Tardid is Karim Masihi's second feature film after Parde-ye Akhar (The Last Act).


Siavash Roozbehan is a young man and he has lost his father after his mysterious suicide.His uncle is managing his father's wealth. He is in love with his cousin Mahtab whose father is his uncle's councilor. Siavash gradually realizes that his uncle is going to marry his mother. After some days he also sees a lot of similarities between his own life and of Shakespeare's Hamlet. He goes to Garo, his best friend, and they try to change the end of the tragic story.[2]


  • Note: Because most of main characters in the film have a reference in Hamlet play the names in the parentheses are given for a better understanding of the film plot and are the external reference to Hamlet characters.
  • Bahram Radan as Siavash Roozbehan - Hamlet
  • Taraneh Alidoosti as Mahtab - Ophelia
  • Alireza Shoja Noori as Siavash's uncle - Claudius
  • Hamed Komeili as Garo - Horatio
  • Mahtab Keramati as Varjavand
  • Mohammad Moti' as Anvari - Polonius
  • Atash Garakani as Mah Tal'at - Gertrude
  • Anoushirvan Arjmand as Khalife
  • Farrokh Nemati as Inspector
  • Mahmood Pakniat as Uncle Matin
  • Kaveh Kavian as Samsami
  • Omid Roohani as Dr. Bonyadi



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