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Tarepanda (たれぱんだ) is a cute panda character owned by the company San-X サンエックス (San Ekkusu). The term "tare" (垂れ) means "lazy" or "droopy" in Japanese.[1]



Tarepanda is licensed by San-X, the company that introduced Tarepanda stickers in 1995. It was designed by Hikaru Suemasa (ja:末政ひかる) and was inspired when she was being tired.


Tarepanda is a character that moves by rolling over, with a record speed of 2.75 m/h.[1][2] Tarepanda's favorite food is mochi (), especially suama (寿甘).[1][3]


In February 1998, San-X launched Tarepanda erasers and letter pads, which proved enormous hits. San-X believed these products were successful because they were released shortly after the Asian financial crisis of autumn 1997, a time when many people in Japan were facing layoffs and, consequently, were sympathetic toward a "worn-out" panda character.[4] By 1999, sales of Tarepanda goods had reached 30 billion yen.[4] Character Databank, a Japanese character popularity monitoring firm, has claimed Tarepanda was a huge hit in Japan.[5] It was rated one of the most popular characters in Japan for its cuteness.


Picture books[edit]

  • Tarepanda: Kyou mo Yoku Tareteimasu. (Hikaru Suemasa, June 1999, ISBN 4-09-681211-0)
  • Taregoyomi: Nengara Nenju Tareteimasu. (Hikaru Suemasa, September 1999, ISBN 4-09-681212-9)
  • Taredzukushi: Tarepanda Fuanbukku (Hikaru Suemasa, March 2000, ISBN 4-09-681213-7)
  • Tareyukumamani: Kigatsuku to Sobani iru (Hikaru Suemasa, April 2001, ISBN 4-09-681214-5)

Sticker books[edit]




  • Tarepanda (Interchannel, 2001/6/29, typing-tutor software)
  • Tare Tsuzuri (Interchannel, 2001/11/22, card-creation software)
  • Tarepanda Toissho (Fortyfive, 1999/4/16, desktop accessories)
  • Tarepanda Toissho 2 (Fortyfive, 1999/8/10, desktop accessories)
  • Tarepanda Toissho 3 (Fortyfive, 2000/4/28, desktop accessories)
  • Tarepanda Toissho Tsume Awa Se (Fortyfive, 2002/2/8, desktop accessories)


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