Tarfala Valley

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Tarfala Valley (Tarfaladalen)
Tarfalavagge, Darfalvággi
Country Sweden
County Norrbotten
Municipality Kiruna
Coordinates 67°55′N 18°36′E / 67.917°N 18.600°E / 67.917; 18.600Coordinates: 67°55′N 18°36′E / 67.917°N 18.600°E / 67.917; 18.600

Tarfala Valley (Swedish: Tarfaladalen or Tarfalavagge, Northern Sami: Darfalvággi) is a valley in Kiruna Municipality, Sweden. Several glaciers flows into the valley and glaciological research has been conducted since 1946 at the Tarfala scientific station.[1]

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