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Targem Games
Industry Interactive entertainment
Founded 2002
Headquarters Yekaterinburg, Russia
Products Hard Truck Apocalypse, Armageddon Riders, GearGrinder, MorphX (Xbox 360)
Website eng.targem.ru

Targem Games is a video game developer, based in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Established in 2002, the company has created 9 PC games of various genres: from RTS/RPG to TPS and racing. The company received several awards at the Russian Conference of Game Developers (KRI), including “Best Debut”, “Best Game Design” and “Most innovative project”.


  • 2002 - The company is founded. The first contract with Buka for the creation of Battle Mages is signed.
  • 2003 - Battle Mages - an original RTS/RPG mix - the very first game of the company is released in Russia. Later the game is localized into several languages including Chinese. The work on add-on and a new big project starts.
  • 2004 - Battle Mages is released in US, Europe and China. The Add-on to Battle Mages named Battle Mages: Sign of darkness is released in Russia.
  • 2005 - Hard Truck Apocalypse is released in Russia under the title Ex Machina and is a success there. Next year the game hits the stores of US[1]
  • 2006 - Hard Truck Apocalypse: Rise of Clans is released.
  • 2007 - ExMachina: Arcade and Day Watch are released in Russia
  • 2008 - The company acquires status of certified Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 developers. The Swarm is released in Russia. GearGrinder is released in Russia.
  • 2009 - for the first time the company is presented at the Game connection Europe.
    • GearGrinder is released world-wide.[2]
    • Clutch is released world-wide. It is a first game of the company that can be bought via Steam.[3]
  • 2011 - Targem games' first downloadable PlayStation 3 game Armageddon Riders was released on 2 June on PSN[4] Targem Games not only developed but also self-published it.
    • In May a chess game entitled Battle vs. Chess developed by Targem games was released in Europe[5]
  • 2012 - Targem games releases its second downloadable game for PlayStation 3 - Planets Under Attack in November.[6] The game is also released on Steam and on XBLA with the help of Topware.[7]


Game Name Release Year Genre
Battle Mages 2003 RTS/RPG
Battle Mages: Sign of darkness 2004 RTS/RPG
Hard Truck Apocalypse[8] 2005 Truck Simulator/Car combat/RPG
Hard Truck Apocalypse: Rise of Clans 2006 Truck Simulator/Car combat/RPG
ExMachina: Arcade 2007 Car combat
Day Watch 2007 Turn based tactics
Sledgehammer/GearGrinder 2008 Racing/Car combat
The Swarm 2008 TPS/Slasher
Clutch 2009 Racing/Car combat
MorphX (Xbox 360) 2010 TPS/Slasher
Insane 2 2011 Off-road Racing
Armageddon Riders (PSN) 2011 Racing/Car combat
Battle vs. Chess 2011 Chess
Planets Under Attack 2012 RTS
BlazeRush 2014 Racing/Car combat
Crossout 2015 Racing/Car combat


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