Target of an Assassin

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Target of an Assassin
Directed by Peter Collinson
Starring Anthony Quinn
Music by Hennie Bekker
Release date
10 February 1977
Running time
105 min.
Country South Africa
Language English

Target of an Assassin is a 1977 film directed by Peter Collinson. It stars Anthony Quinn and John Phillip Law. Target of an Assassin was completed in South Africa in 1976 as Tigers Don't Cry, but was not put into general American release for nearly nine years. Other alternate titles include African Rage, The Long Shot, and Fatal Assassin.[1] Based on the novel Running Scared by Jon Burmeister.[2]


Plot summary[edit]

The film is set in a South African hospital. Top-billed Anthony Quinn plays a male nurse, Hobday, assigned to care for a foreign President (Simon Sabela). With many threats against his well-being, the leader is heavily guarded around the clock. Hobday manages to kidnap his patient for strictly personal gain, unaware that a hired sniper is still attempting to take the life of the foreign leader while in Hobday's custody. This leads to a series of curious plot twists leading to a climactic scene with cable cars on a high plateau ridge.


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