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Targum Press is an Orthodox Jewish English-language publishing company based in Jerusalem. It claims to be the third largest Judaica publisher after Artscroll and Feldheim. In addition to publishing books on Jewish law and philosophy, translations of classic texts, and fiction, it has played a vanguard role in popularizing Orthodox women's writing. It also publishes a monthly magazine, Horizons: The Jewish Family Monthly.[1]


Targum Press was founded in 1984 by noted Jerusalem-based educator, the late Rabbi Moshe Dombey, at the time a lecturer at yeshiva Ohr Somayach and Neve Yerushalayim seminary. Its first publication was Halichos bas Yisroel: a Women's Guide to Jewish Observance, distributed by Menucha Publishers.

After running the company for many years, Rabbi Dombey died in 2006. Aryeh (Eric) Mahr served as the company's CEO until his death in February 2010.


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