Tarika (musical group)

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Origin Madagascar
Genres World music, Malagasy roots music
Instruments marovany, valiha, kabosy, jejy voatavo
Years active 1993-present
Labels Xenophile
Website www.Frootsmag.com/Tarika
Members Hanitra (Rasoanaivo Hanitrarivo)
Noro (Raharimalala Tina Norosoa)
Donné (Randriamanantena Dieudonné)
Ny Ony (Rasolomahatratra Ny Ony Henintsoa Andriamparany)
Solo (Randrianasolomalala Victor)

Tarika (Malagasy for "group") is a musical group from Madagascar. The group's predecessor, Tarika Sammy, formed in the 1980s, but as Tarika they debuted in 1993. At that point they had relocated to London. Their second album Son Egal was a collaboration with Senegal musicians and dealt with the 1947 Malagasy Uprising in Madagascar.[1] Otherwise, much of Tarika's music is based on musical tradition; for example, the album D focused on dance music. Their 2001 album Soul Makassar dealt with the musical connections between Indonesia and Madagascar.[2]

Tarika is led by two sisters, Hanitra and Noro. Hanitra has engaged in creating an arts center in recent years.[3] In 2001, TIME magazine included Tarika in a list of the "10 best bands on planet Earth".[4]


  • Bibiango (1994)
  • Son Egal (1997)
  • D (1999)
  • Soul Makassar (2001)
  • Tarika: 10 - Beasts, Ghosts & Dancing with History (2004 - tenth anniversary compilation CD)
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