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Tariq is an Arabic name.

Bnj mes amis je m’appelle tarek comment cava/ Tariq
MeaningKnocker, Nomad, Morning Star, visitor in dreams


The word is derived from the Arabic verb طرق‎, (ṭaraqa), meaning "to strike", and into the agentive form طارق‎, (ṭāriq), meaning "striker".

It started to be used as a name after Tariq ibn-Ziyad, a military Berber leader who conquered Iberia (Spain and Portugal) in 711 AD.


Ṭariq or Tareq is used in classical Arabic for the one who travels at night time—a night visitor or nomad—as the Bedouin Arabs normally found it that a traveler from long distances would usually arrive at night, avoiding the scorching heat.

It refers to someone who comes in the middle of the night and knocks on the door. The linguistic idea behind it is: the coming at night, and the calling to attention or surprise.

It also referred once to the morning star Venus, in which is now known as a planet.

Tareq also means a visitor in a dream.


In Arabic literature, the use of the word appears in several places including most-notably the Quran, where ṭāriq referred to the brilliant stars at night in (At-Tariq, verse 1).[1] Stars can be eloquently referred to as Tariqs because they come out at night,[2] and it is the common understanding of the word nowadays due to the Qur'an.
We can also find it in many poems. For example, from the famous poets Imru' al-Qais and Jarir ibn Atiyah.[3][4]

Given name[edit]

Tarek, Tarec, Tarééc[edit]

Tarick, Tarık, Tarik[edit]

Tareq, Tariq[edit]


In fiction[edit]


  • Gibraltar is the Spanish derivation of the Arabic name Jabal Aṭtāriq (جبل طارق), meaning "Mountain of Tariq".


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