Tariq Teddy

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Tariq Teddy
Born Tariq Teddy
Faisalabad, Pakistan
Nationality Pakistani
Occupation Comedian, Actor
Years active 1990's–present

Tariq Teddy is one of Pakistan's popular theatre comedians,[1] known for his quick, sharp replies. He performs in Punjabi stage dramas and has acted in the movie Salakhein. He is from Faisalabad. His comedic persona was a fierce rival of the late fellow comedian Mastana, though the two were close friends off the stage.

He was successful stage actor in Faisalabad before Nargis brought him to Lahore. He regards Nargis as his sister.

Stage shows[edit]

  • Chalak Tottay 3
  • Chalak Tottay 2
  • Chalak Tottay 1
  • Mama Pakistani
  • Sub Say Bara Ruppiya
  • Rabba Ishq Na Howay
  • Husn Meri Majboori
  • Ji Karda
  • Do Rangelay
  • Beatho Beatho Liya Dala
  • Asli Tay Naqli
  • Jhoot Bolda
  • Mirch Masala
  • Ghoonghat Utha Loon
  • Eid Da Chan
  • Basti Jat Lai
  • Abhi To Main Jawan Hun
  • Krazy 4
  • Mithiyan Sharartan
  • Uff Yeh Biwiyan
  • Welcome

And Many many more.


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