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Tarkhovka Russian: Тарховка
Regional rail
Station Tarkhovka St Petersburg old.jpg
Station in 1904
Coordinates 60°3′42″N 29°58′25″E / 60.06167°N 29.97361°E / 60.06167; 29.97361Coordinates: 60°3′42″N 29°58′25″E / 60.06167°N 29.97361°E / 60.06167; 29.97361
Line(s) Sestroretsk line
Platforms 1
Tracks 1 (2 prior to 1990s)
Connections Historical Primorskaya line
Structure type at-grade
Opened 1894
Rebuilt 1952
Electrified 1952

Tarkhovka (Russian: Та́рховка), is a railway station near Saint Petersburg, Russia. The station opened on November 26, 1894, when the Primorskaya line was extended from Razdelnaya station to Sestroretsk.[1]

Notable changes[edit]

In 1952 the line was electrified and high platforms were constructed at the same time.


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Preceding station   Primorskaya Railway   Following station
Primorskaya line in 1894 - 1900
toward Sestroretsk