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Tarmac may refer to:

Engineered surfaces[edit]

  • Tarmacadam, a mainly historical tar-based material for macadamising road surfaces, patented in 1902
  • Asphalt concrete, a macadamising material using asphalt instead of tar which has largely superseded tarmacadam
  • Tarmac, any paved surface of an airport, regardless of material, for example


  • Tarmac (company) (formerly Lafarge Tarmac), UK building materials company founded 2013 by a joint venture of Lafarge UK and Tarmac Group, owned since 2015 by CRH
  • Tarmac Building Products, the construction materials division of Tarmac, previously an independent company from 2010 to 2014
  • Tarmac Group, former UK-based multinational building materials and construction company, latterly owned by Anglo American prior to the 2013 Lafarge Tarmac joint venture
  • Tarmac Construction, part of Tarmac Group until 1999 when sold off as Carillion